Monday, July 26, 2010

Cissydette on Bloggers

Cissydette on Bloggers

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When Nature do call…
How will you answer? Or do you really hear her call?
Will you care?

Earth is changing over time. From its birth as a simple rich phase, evolving, now fully grown and perhaps had already surpassed middle ages. And by far, it is the only planet in space to have been marvelously and irrevocably supporting life of the five kingdoms. Offering the needs for the survival of the myriads. Ah! What more can we ask from it? Being so did not made her just a mere empyrean pride, she’s our home.

Man, being sublime and superior of any other life forms, has constantly developed this habitat for the common good but of course, being more beneficial to his race. The quest of mankind in discovering the nature’s splendor has begun early as his existence and is even more motivated to discover those that still linger in the unknown. This eagerness of our race has proved that man is a “never-contented” being.

But Mother Nature pampers us like what mothers used to do with their young. She does give and give and give with indomitable love and care risking every bit of her. And the abusive rational thinkers? Yes, men are getting used to just take and take seemingly unashamed of becoming bunch of pathetic scroungers. This made the state of balance be shaken so badly.

Alas! She mourns, oh how she would seem to wail in forlorn…close to giving up. Take for example the scathing truth like rampant pollution worldwide and gradual scarcity of the resources being brought by uncontrollable population growth. Notice some parts of the globe experiencing how it rains and, oh, how it pours almost drowning every land piece while the unusual draught on the other part of the world has brought starvation and death to many life forms. Global warming causing polar ice to thaw and the ozone depletion causing direct solar heat and waves encounter are all caused by improper handling of our technologically inclined wastes. Globalization means spreading human empire risking those of other life forms thus leading to niche loss and species extinction. These phenomena appeared to be warnings to a massive destruction just as what those fancies on journals, fiction books and filmographies.

See how every man’s act equated with consequence? These man’s conquest haven't becoming impressive at all, yet condemnable instead. Maybe its time to think and do something. Yes, prevention is really better than cure. So have a heart for your surrounding, have discipline, listen to the cry of our Mother Nature. Let us slow down. For she does not choose her fate but sooner she will surely define ours.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

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it has been 5 long years since I bitterly turned my back on writing.. just as bitter as leaving behind something that you know will no longer make you whole...

and life is changing.. at this moment.. i feel really lost.. i can't seem to go on typing.. i don't know exactly what to say yet.. i believe i'm back.. i'll write again.. for myself.. for life.. for the passion i have lost and regained.. WRITING is my being..
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