Wednesday, February 16, 2011

peek in..

just sharing these things i live with.. :)

this is my new baby.. ASUS K52J Series.. :) a 2010 christmas gift.

Hey! take a look.. what do you see?

..a toothbrush?

No, it's definitely not.. hahah Looks can really be deceiving. :)

It's a pen and it's one of the prizes I got from a writing contest.

It does looked like a toothbrush.. :)

My spongy baby!! I love Spongebob!!!! And I want a lot of collectibles!!

This is where I slumber.. :)

I love bags. I'll be collecting lots of them someday.... :) I actually have new ones, not in the pic.. :)

From a sweet friend Rickris. I think it's a snow globe. or a paper weight.. hahaha

I'm not so girly.. I only got two pairs of high-heeled sandals. :) This one's my fave.

Nah! I love movies and just recently, I added "A Little Thing Called Love" as one of my faves.It's a Thai movie. And it's amazingly good!!  It made me put P'Shone's pic as my Desktop Background.. He's the leading man. :) 

I love music.. I know how to play this.. :)

arrrghh!!! I want to learn how to play guitar.. it's stuck in my room for  a while now.. :(

My father bought this for me to help me learn the chords.. :) Very supportive.. :) 

Lots and lots of engineering books.. I'm bookish but you can rarely see me scanning these ones.. hahaha
I'd prefer literary arts than freakin' numbers and signs.. :)

My hatest subject is calculus.. this is a two year old book but look, it looks more like ancient now.. hahaha

Engineering.. blah..blahhhh..blahhh...

oh.. I had my training last sem.. and I could barely recall what I once learned.. hahaaha

My table's this messy when I'm doing my engineering stuffs they call as 'plates'.. and you can't bother me or else... :))

I can't leave for school without my calculator, otherwise, I'll rot in the corner of the classroom.

I still keep these old coins.. :)

Oh it's shiny shimmering silver ring!! thanks to my sweet mom. :)

My mom loves to give me accs. :) this one's the cutest.. very small wrist watch. :)

still from mom..

Now, this one's from a friend Laila.. it's a cellphone accessory. I love green.

and yeah.. I do have eye glasses but I seldom wear it.. it's multi-coated and I was advised to wear it when I'm doing computer works and when the sun is scorching outside. So it's like an eye protection and I don't look good with it. I'm like a nerd or something... :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


hmmmmm.. It's a Forks night again. I hate the rain now. It never went out for 5 days straight. It's freaking cold. I need Mr. Sun!! I want Mr. Sun!!! Hope to see him smile tomorrow...

Hmmmm.. Anyway, the coldness of the day didn't stopped me and the rest of the gang to have our hair ironed. Put some make-up as we don't usually do.. and have ourselves ready for it's a picture taking day!!! We even practiced to give out our prettiest smiles. This will be for our Yearbook. Can't show them yet.. we had taken few pics while we're on queue though.. 

Hope I could post those pics that we are in our graduation togas. :)

I will.. Soon. :)