Wednesday, February 16, 2011

peek in..

just sharing these things i live with.. :)

this is my new baby.. ASUS K52J Series.. :) a 2010 christmas gift.

Hey! take a look.. what do you see?

..a toothbrush?

No, it's definitely not.. hahah Looks can really be deceiving. :)

It's a pen and it's one of the prizes I got from a writing contest.

It does looked like a toothbrush.. :)

My spongy baby!! I love Spongebob!!!! And I want a lot of collectibles!!

This is where I slumber.. :)

I love bags. I'll be collecting lots of them someday.... :) I actually have new ones, not in the pic.. :)

From a sweet friend Rickris. I think it's a snow globe. or a paper weight.. hahaha

I'm not so girly.. I only got two pairs of high-heeled sandals. :) This one's my fave.

Nah! I love movies and just recently, I added "A Little Thing Called Love" as one of my faves.It's a Thai movie. And it's amazingly good!!  It made me put P'Shone's pic as my Desktop Background.. He's the leading man. :) 

I love music.. I know how to play this.. :)

arrrghh!!! I want to learn how to play guitar.. it's stuck in my room for  a while now.. :(

My father bought this for me to help me learn the chords.. :) Very supportive.. :) 

Lots and lots of engineering books.. I'm bookish but you can rarely see me scanning these ones.. hahaha
I'd prefer literary arts than freakin' numbers and signs.. :)

My hatest subject is calculus.. this is a two year old book but look, it looks more like ancient now.. hahaha

Engineering.. blah..blahhhh..blahhh...

oh.. I had my training last sem.. and I could barely recall what I once learned.. hahaaha

My table's this messy when I'm doing my engineering stuffs they call as 'plates'.. and you can't bother me or else... :))

I can't leave for school without my calculator, otherwise, I'll rot in the corner of the classroom.

I still keep these old coins.. :)

Oh it's shiny shimmering silver ring!! thanks to my sweet mom. :)

My mom loves to give me accs. :) this one's the cutest.. very small wrist watch. :)

still from mom..

Now, this one's from a friend Laila.. it's a cellphone accessory. I love green.

and yeah.. I do have eye glasses but I seldom wear it.. it's multi-coated and I was advised to wear it when I'm doing computer works and when the sun is scorching outside. So it's like an eye protection and I don't look good with it. I'm like a nerd or something... :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


hmmmmm.. It's a Forks night again. I hate the rain now. It never went out for 5 days straight. It's freaking cold. I need Mr. Sun!! I want Mr. Sun!!! Hope to see him smile tomorrow...

Hmmmm.. Anyway, the coldness of the day didn't stopped me and the rest of the gang to have our hair ironed. Put some make-up as we don't usually do.. and have ourselves ready for it's a picture taking day!!! We even practiced to give out our prettiest smiles. This will be for our Yearbook. Can't show them yet.. we had taken few pics while we're on queue though.. 

Hope I could post those pics that we are in our graduation togas. :)

I will.. Soon. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


“Few Relationships In Earth Never Dies…”

You beeped a “Hi” but I cannot remember what’s my reply. I just knew then, that we can be real friends. Since that day my textworld was more than okay. No, you’re not just a constant plain textmate because you became a sister to me. Remember when I cried and you called me just to say not to worry because everything will be okay. Funny is I did not believe instantly and cried even harder. Yes you really knew me, when I cry ,I meant it really. And because you do knew me, you never left me alone that day. I remember so well how you tried so hard to make me feel better. You joked a lot and stayed up all night for me.
Nah! What about when you were the one so down? I listened to you so intently, giving advices and uttering those comforting words just like what you do to me. Have you remembered how I talk to that boyfriend of yours harshly? “He hurts me”, as you told me .. nah! I scold him that night. He said sorry to me. Good that he knew how important you are to me.

                Yay! I sent you a Christmas greeting card through a snail mail. We promised to exchange snail mails right? Have you received it? You did not update me. Until now.. I never knew if you received it or not. And it was December 2009. Hmmm..  you did not even fulfill  your promise to send me one. Nahhhh you!! Hahahaha.. so unfair huh… J

                I won’t wait for your update nor for that unsent gift for me anymore.. you knew I was even more excited to meet you in flesh after my graduation. Yeah I’d love to see you finally. I’d love to see my sweet “sis”. You’ll be my tour guide and you’ll let me see the beauty of your place. Hmmmm your promises.. how would it be possible now? Those promises..  I won’t expect at all.. I swear.. J

                Last year, you got sick and I scolded you for not seeing a doctor after a week of fever… you silly girl. Hard headed girl.. nah! Anyway, I m very sorry for not replying your text. It was February you know, I was so busy with the final exams and clearances. I did not have a load so I just kept my phone away. Hope you understood that too well.
                I was texting you on summer break last year. You were not replying. Why? I thought you still feel ill towards me.. I never really thought that you’re having a hard time that time. I feel very, very sad. Very, very sad. L

                You did not texted at all. You did not even call me. Hey! That’s too much huh. I’ve had enough of the punishment. You were out of coverage area when I called you. You turned off your phone?  Why?

                Yeah, when I heard the news, I wasn’t able to sleep. How should I? it’s not normal to be sleeping while crying. You were like a sister to me.. and the whole thing just hurt me.. badly.. Should I tell you how my heart was crushed? Even if I do so.. you’ll not hear me. Why didn’t you tell me you fell seriously ill? Why didn’t you turned-on your phone so I can contact you? That was so unfair!!! I was deeply hurt realizing that.. I can never hear your voice, I will never see you in person.. . never.

                I was suppose to go there but my parents won’t allow me. It made me feel even harder. I wanted to see you yet I don’t want to. What should I do?  It so hard to move on. Until now, I still hear your voice in my mind. When I think of you, I felt so much longing. I miss you.. so much..

                You left too soon. …

                But I hope you’re doing just fine up there. There’s no retail load up there , I know. Not even a telephone booth. How can I say all of this to you now? Do you read blogs there? J hmmmm.. I’ll just read this to you someday.. when my time comes and we met again.. up there. J

Friday, December 31, 2010

‘Bye’ and ‘Hello’ with a BANG!!!

The –BER BANG!!!
I was awaken  by the blinking lights nearby just a few moments before realizing it was my cell phone. Half-awake, I checked the small clock on my study table beside my bed.. oh it was 12 am. Why does my phone so busy?
 Aha! It was no ordinary 12 am.. it’s 12 am of September.. so what? Nah-uh..Not my birthday. It was the start of the –BER month!!!  And my phone was flooded to “death” (to bat-empty) with the “Advance-Merry-Christmas” greetings from friends, acquaintances and clanmates (I’m a proud member of the Harry Potter Clan of the Philippines). Oh yeah right.. I almost forgot.. it signaled the “coldest-warmest” days were starting (“coldest” ‘coz rainy days and “warmest” because of the festive atmosphere is yet to come).
Much more greetings welcomed me as I step our classrooms and on the way home, we passed by some establishments starting to put up their Christmas decors.  Christmas carols reigned the radio stations and some TV programs flashing the countdown and their joyous ,meaningful and colorful station ID’s
And the December scenarios were far more exciting. A lot more to expect. More hymns of “jinggom bells” (as those kid carolers loudly sang it), more luxurious Christmas decors, the Christmas BONUS for the employees (and sometimes the thirteenth month pay was given that early). Malls were filled by myriads of shoppers. Christmas parties here. Christmas parties there..  and of course the traditional exchanging of gifts.!!
And, well, who would dare to take even just one absence in the “nine mornings”. The Misa de Gallo caused the chapels and churches literally overflowed with people. Filipinos are mostly Catholics so the practice of keeping vigil for nine days consecutively is no rare to most of us. It is the simplest sacrifice in preparing our every hearts to be the manger Christ, the savior.  And for whatever reason, it was the only nine days of the year that churches needs extensions and more chairs. The rest of the year, it’s either the churches are filled or just halfway full. The very reason why one priest once included in his homily to celebrate “Misa de Gallo” in all the days of the year. J
And after that nine mornings, the most anticipated “Noche Buena” is prepared after a 10pm  Holy Mass. Food was served in abundance to be shared by the whole family in the Christmas eve. Now one thing I’ve noticed is that “last-minute-shopping” thing like buying groceries on the 24th of December believing that because it’s the last day of mall operations before the Christmas break, there would be fewer shoppers, but, alas, I have to fall in line just to get a cart and start shopping and another ages spent to wait for my turn at the cashier. Hahaha. I never thought of the possibility that I have the same belief with some 1000 people. J so I think next time I wouldn’t consider “last-minute-shopping” as a nice choice ‘coz it’s the most challenging choice ever!!! Hahaha.
And starting from the 26th of the month, beach resorts  and resto’s would be rarely empty that you’ll have your reservations mostly rejected. This is because those are the common venues for Family Clan Reunions.

                Aside from the 21 gun salute at the Luneta Park as the Philippines used to celebrate the death anniversary of the greatest Filipino once existed.. the Philippine National hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, fire crackers are already fogging the streets. While traffic jams most likely to occur to the streets where stalls of fireworks and firecrackers are located.
                It was not a Filipino thing really, but we derived it from the Chinese. Believing to lure in good vibes and luck and “shoo” away the bad ones. Whatever it is really, the thing there is it made the New Year’s eve more colorful and festive!
                And when the clock hits 12am of January, the atmosphere was merrier. You’ll better shut-up for a while; you cannot talk amidst the varying decibels of bangs everywhere! The colorful fireworks display filled the sky and smokes filled the open air.  As usual, being  superstitious, food  is again served in every Filipino table.  Even those that are not so well-of, never let their table empty. Otherwise, it was believed to have caused your table be empty for the rest of the year. As for us, we are just six in our family, but we had “thirteen round fruits”, the ham, fruit salad, macaroni salad, buko pie, chocolate cake, pancit bihon, steamed fish, various chocolates, leche flan, beef steak, softdrinks, wine and more importantly, WE HAD EACH OTHER. We offer all these to the New Year, with all the hopes that it will bring the same abundance and togetherness all throughout the year. And we shared the food anyway, to those whoever pay a visit the next day.
                Well, it was “one year” after December 31st .. welcome 1-1-11!!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

River Companion

I walked along the river
It was calm and cold there
I feel I could shiver
Blowing my hair was the zephyr.

I stopped for I suddenly see
A girl in front of me
Crying, helpless, I can see
She’s probably pleading in me.

Pathetic, yes she was
If only I could calm her
If only I could make it last
If I am just stronger.

In that cold misty night
I want to help her fight
The nightmare that’s killing her being
If I don’t fear, if I’m just braver.

But like her,
I’m defeated, outcasted, down and feared
I’m gloomy, I’m running away
From the pain that’s tearing me.

I look at her sad eyes
I feel like invading her thoughts
There I saw plights
Yes, she’s weary and so am I.

I want to talk
But I’d rather walk
I was alarmed she’s following me
I’m guilty so I faced again her plea.

Yes, she needs companion
And I feel being so
We stared each other
Eyes, thoughts were talking but no words to utter.

For a moment,
I came to know her
She’s not different from me
And we’re like each other.

I came to realize later
We have the same battle
To fight fear, the gloom, the pain
That’s like dagger, it’s tearing.

Just then I’ve found comfort
It’s the serenity that took us both
I’m relieved I’m not alone
Thanks for that river; I’ve met my reflection….

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


“I haven’t done any  MAJOR, MAJOR mistake…” Quoted the Miss Philippines-Universe Maria Venus Raj. The answer that made her one of the most talked about icons of the recently concluded Miss Universe 2010. She might’ve failed to bag the crown home but still, she brings honor to her native land, Philippines, by just making it to top 5. I’m a fan and I will always be.,

Well, inspired by such “MAJOR, MAJOR” quote, it made me think of some “MAJOR, MAJOR” things I’d love to share. And here they are:

My MAJOR, MAJOR embarrassing moments:

*to tumble down a wooden stair, catching the attention of some 200 people from an open gymnasium nearby. had i turned into a popping bubble?! (it was when I joined a journalism seminar/contest. Lucky, I won 2nd place, it compensated the thing at least)

*to mistakenly play one wrong chord in a Holy Mass messing up one whole song. (oopss. Did the priest got mad? lol..glad the choir sang, still:)

*while drinking soda in a birthday party, a friend related a real funny joke, I wanted to laugh so hard yet the soda is still in my mouth…. (oh did it really run out of my nose??? Hell YEAH! Oh!)

*to be in the midst of the “wrong classmates” and a “wrong teacher” glaring like “who the heck are you?” just because I’ve entered a “wrong classroom”. (lessons: wake up early, avoid tardiness, don’t come rushing)

*turning the valve of a faucet in a resto, no water, turn it again, and again for the nth time, still no water. Only to find out it should be pressed! (did they see me? Oh!)

My MAJOR,MAJOR academic accomplishments:

*to be consistently on the honor lists during my elementary days.
*to be hailed class salutatorian of our batch (elementary years)
*to win the first time a science quiz bowl when I was in my 4th Grade.
*to bag the gold medal for two consecutive years in Communication Arts Fest
*to win and be qualified to the regional competition in Campus Journalism.

My MAJOR, MAJOR frustrations:

*to be able to play the guitar
*to be able to learn how to swim
*to be enrolled and to graduate a Journalism Course

My MAJOR,MAJOR food cravings:

*piƱato (a local delicacy)
*paella (of Spanish derivative)
*chicken adobo (best when cooked by my mom J)
*mango float ( olalah!)
*pastel (a local delicacy from Camiguin)
*moist chocolate cake
*leche flan
*lechon (roast chicken or pork)
*spag.spag.spag (I love pasta!)
*lasagna (yum!)
*fruit salad

My MAJOR,MAJOR must-see places:

*and some local tourist spots of my very own PHILIPINES!

My MAJOR, MAJOR hated subjects:

*differential equations!

My MAJOR, MAJOR dreams:

*to meet the cast of Harry Potter Movies
*to meet JKRowling
*to meet some fave Korean Celebrities
*to circumnavigate Earth and to travel some must-see places before leaving the world
*to meet my soulmate! (haha)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


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It was roughly ten years ago when I got my interest in music. I was able to join in a school band called "RONDALLA"  a band playing stringed instruments. It was my former classmate/friend who encouraged me because she said it was so much fun! I used to join in a lot of school stuffs before, mostly academic, that is why I want to try something new...

The first meeting with our trainer started afterclass but because I was one of the room cleaners I didn't made it on time. I was rushing and catching my breath when I reached the school's music theater. Glad he was in the mood, instructed me to get my instrument from a separated room not so far from the practice area. When I get there, I was kind of "oh, what to choose?". There were two identical instruments left there. Ugh! No choice. Got to pick either. 

Later the trainer told me it was called "octavina". Absurd? yeah. I don't know a thing about octavina. T'was terrible at first but later, amazingly, I was able to play it the way it should be. It's very similar to a guitar, differences are it's a little smaller than the original size of a guitar and it has 14 strings. 

After some weeks of sessions, we were told that we're joining a competition so we need intense training. To help us so, our trainer brought his selected students to our school to assist us. And that's how I met "Ate Wella". She was the one who first inspired me to learn how to play the guitar. She is amazing. But unfortunately, she wasn't able to train me for she has to watch over our training in octavina. She was instructed to do the polishing. And that was a frustration really. And because I have much greater concerns, I just let it be.

I was able to let it passed. But weeks after the competition, we're back to school at that time, I met another amazing guitarist in the person of our Math practice teacher. It had become his  trademark to start the class by rendering a song. He used to carry his guitar around. Another thing I couldn't forget about him is the song "GROW OLD WITH YOU" by Adam Sandler from the movie The Wedding Singer. Our teacher used to sing that song and that made the song my fave until now..

But until now, I still couldn't play it for I wasn't able to learn the guitar. Wonder if it really loves me. Why can I play the octavina? And during my high school days my papa told me to have keyboard lessons so I can be the choir's organist at our chapel. And yeah! I was able to do it! I can do the chords in the organ.. 

My papa really bought me one so I can enhance and practice well my music.

Why not guitar? I really find it very difficult. Maybe because I got little fingers. They couldn't play complicated chords (lol)..Though I already know the basics. I just have to learn more and more.. OR MAYBE IT IS NOT REALLY FOR ME..  OR MAYBE NOT NOW..

Yeah! Am still looking forward for the day that I could play "GROW OLD WITH YOU" with my own strumming.  I had one now.. and for now.. it would be an ornament in my room. :(

Anyway, I know SOMEDAY I CAN! :)
and that it will love me too, just as I love it.. :)