Saturday, January 15, 2011


“Few Relationships In Earth Never Dies…”

You beeped a “Hi” but I cannot remember what’s my reply. I just knew then, that we can be real friends. Since that day my textworld was more than okay. No, you’re not just a constant plain textmate because you became a sister to me. Remember when I cried and you called me just to say not to worry because everything will be okay. Funny is I did not believe instantly and cried even harder. Yes you really knew me, when I cry ,I meant it really. And because you do knew me, you never left me alone that day. I remember so well how you tried so hard to make me feel better. You joked a lot and stayed up all night for me.
Nah! What about when you were the one so down? I listened to you so intently, giving advices and uttering those comforting words just like what you do to me. Have you remembered how I talk to that boyfriend of yours harshly? “He hurts me”, as you told me .. nah! I scold him that night. He said sorry to me. Good that he knew how important you are to me.

                Yay! I sent you a Christmas greeting card through a snail mail. We promised to exchange snail mails right? Have you received it? You did not update me. Until now.. I never knew if you received it or not. And it was December 2009. Hmmm..  you did not even fulfill  your promise to send me one. Nahhhh you!! Hahahaha.. so unfair huh… J

                I won’t wait for your update nor for that unsent gift for me anymore.. you knew I was even more excited to meet you in flesh after my graduation. Yeah I’d love to see you finally. I’d love to see my sweet “sis”. You’ll be my tour guide and you’ll let me see the beauty of your place. Hmmmm your promises.. how would it be possible now? Those promises..  I won’t expect at all.. I swear.. J

                Last year, you got sick and I scolded you for not seeing a doctor after a week of fever… you silly girl. Hard headed girl.. nah! Anyway, I m very sorry for not replying your text. It was February you know, I was so busy with the final exams and clearances. I did not have a load so I just kept my phone away. Hope you understood that too well.
                I was texting you on summer break last year. You were not replying. Why? I thought you still feel ill towards me.. I never really thought that you’re having a hard time that time. I feel very, very sad. Very, very sad. L

                You did not texted at all. You did not even call me. Hey! That’s too much huh. I’ve had enough of the punishment. You were out of coverage area when I called you. You turned off your phone?  Why?

                Yeah, when I heard the news, I wasn’t able to sleep. How should I? it’s not normal to be sleeping while crying. You were like a sister to me.. and the whole thing just hurt me.. badly.. Should I tell you how my heart was crushed? Even if I do so.. you’ll not hear me. Why didn’t you tell me you fell seriously ill? Why didn’t you turned-on your phone so I can contact you? That was so unfair!!! I was deeply hurt realizing that.. I can never hear your voice, I will never see you in person.. . never.

                I was suppose to go there but my parents won’t allow me. It made me feel even harder. I wanted to see you yet I don’t want to. What should I do?  It so hard to move on. Until now, I still hear your voice in my mind. When I think of you, I felt so much longing. I miss you.. so much..

                You left too soon. …

                But I hope you’re doing just fine up there. There’s no retail load up there , I know. Not even a telephone booth. How can I say all of this to you now? Do you read blogs there? J hmmmm.. I’ll just read this to you someday.. when my time comes and we met again.. up there. J