Tuesday, August 31, 2010


“I haven’t done any  MAJOR, MAJOR mistake…” Quoted the Miss Philippines-Universe Maria Venus Raj. The answer that made her one of the most talked about icons of the recently concluded Miss Universe 2010. She might’ve failed to bag the crown home but still, she brings honor to her native land, Philippines, by just making it to top 5. I’m a fan and I will always be.,

Well, inspired by such “MAJOR, MAJOR” quote, it made me think of some “MAJOR, MAJOR” things I’d love to share. And here they are:

My MAJOR, MAJOR embarrassing moments:

*to tumble down a wooden stair, catching the attention of some 200 people from an open gymnasium nearby. had i turned into a popping bubble?! (it was when I joined a journalism seminar/contest. Lucky, I won 2nd place, it compensated the thing at least)

*to mistakenly play one wrong chord in a Holy Mass messing up one whole song. (oopss. Did the priest got mad? lol..glad the choir sang, still:)

*while drinking soda in a birthday party, a friend related a real funny joke, I wanted to laugh so hard yet the soda is still in my mouth…. (oh did it really run out of my nose??? Hell YEAH! Oh!)

*to be in the midst of the “wrong classmates” and a “wrong teacher” glaring like “who the heck are you?” just because I’ve entered a “wrong classroom”. (lessons: wake up early, avoid tardiness, don’t come rushing)

*turning the valve of a faucet in a resto, no water, turn it again, and again for the nth time, still no water. Only to find out it should be pressed! (did they see me? Oh!)

My MAJOR,MAJOR academic accomplishments:

*to be consistently on the honor lists during my elementary days.
*to be hailed class salutatorian of our batch (elementary years)
*to win the first time a science quiz bowl when I was in my 4th Grade.
*to bag the gold medal for two consecutive years in Communication Arts Fest
*to win and be qualified to the regional competition in Campus Journalism.

My MAJOR, MAJOR frustrations:

*to be able to play the guitar
*to be able to learn how to swim
*to be enrolled and to graduate a Journalism Course

My MAJOR,MAJOR food cravings:

*piƱato (a local delicacy)
*paella (of Spanish derivative)
*chicken adobo (best when cooked by my mom J)
*mango float ( olalah!)
*pastel (a local delicacy from Camiguin)
*moist chocolate cake
*leche flan
*lechon (roast chicken or pork)
*spag.spag.spag (I love pasta!)
*lasagna (yum!)
*fruit salad

My MAJOR,MAJOR must-see places:

*and some local tourist spots of my very own PHILIPINES!

My MAJOR, MAJOR hated subjects:

*differential equations!

My MAJOR, MAJOR dreams:

*to meet the cast of Harry Potter Movies
*to meet JKRowling
*to meet some fave Korean Celebrities
*to circumnavigate Earth and to travel some must-see places before leaving the world
*to meet my soulmate! (haha)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


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It was roughly ten years ago when I got my interest in music. I was able to join in a school band called "RONDALLA"  a band playing stringed instruments. It was my former classmate/friend who encouraged me because she said it was so much fun! I used to join in a lot of school stuffs before, mostly academic, that is why I want to try something new...

The first meeting with our trainer started afterclass but because I was one of the room cleaners I didn't made it on time. I was rushing and catching my breath when I reached the school's music theater. Glad he was in the mood, instructed me to get my instrument from a separated room not so far from the practice area. When I get there, I was kind of "oh, what to choose?". There were two identical instruments left there. Ugh! No choice. Got to pick either. 

Later the trainer told me it was called "octavina". Absurd? yeah. I don't know a thing about octavina. T'was terrible at first but later, amazingly, I was able to play it the way it should be. It's very similar to a guitar, differences are it's a little smaller than the original size of a guitar and it has 14 strings. 

After some weeks of sessions, we were told that we're joining a competition so we need intense training. To help us so, our trainer brought his selected students to our school to assist us. And that's how I met "Ate Wella". She was the one who first inspired me to learn how to play the guitar. She is amazing. But unfortunately, she wasn't able to train me for she has to watch over our training in octavina. She was instructed to do the polishing. And that was a frustration really. And because I have much greater concerns, I just let it be.

I was able to let it passed. But weeks after the competition, we're back to school at that time, I met another amazing guitarist in the person of our Math practice teacher. It had become his  trademark to start the class by rendering a song. He used to carry his guitar around. Another thing I couldn't forget about him is the song "GROW OLD WITH YOU" by Adam Sandler from the movie The Wedding Singer. Our teacher used to sing that song and that made the song my fave until now..

But until now, I still couldn't play it for I wasn't able to learn the guitar. Wonder if it really loves me. Why can I play the octavina? And during my high school days my papa told me to have keyboard lessons so I can be the choir's organist at our chapel. And yeah! I was able to do it! I can do the chords in the organ.. 

My papa really bought me one so I can enhance and practice well my music.

Why not guitar? I really find it very difficult. Maybe because I got little fingers. They couldn't play complicated chords (lol)..Though I already know the basics. I just have to learn more and more.. OR MAYBE IT IS NOT REALLY FOR ME..  OR MAYBE NOT NOW..

Yeah! Am still looking forward for the day that I could play "GROW OLD WITH YOU" with my own strumming.  I had one now.. and for now.. it would be an ornament in my room. :(

Anyway, I know SOMEDAY I CAN! :)
and that it will love me too, just as I love it.. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

a dedication for my bestfriends.. i missed them.. :)


It’s never empty and lonely
That corner where my mind flee
When my thoughts of you run happily
Your smiles, laughter, so lovely to see

In that that corner we always stay
In that that corner we’ll always be
Friends forever as you’ve promised me.

But cruel moments sometimes try to steal
Those memories that used dwell
Like treasures kept in that corner

But never will I permit
That the corner I used to keep
Will slip away or be buried deep

Because it’s one great possession
That I held and will hold along
As my life progress on.

That corner in my heart
Will never be torn apart
Hoping that corner will again
As real as it is way back then
I do miss you, my bestfriends… L

Thursday, August 12, 2010

my first commercial building plan with Corel Draw 12

these are the first plans i have created using computer software Corel Draw 12.. it's a simple commercial building not so architectural,
 anyway that's already a work of an architect.. :)
this is the perspective
the front view elevation

the right side elevation

the rear elevation
the left side elevation

the beam lay-out plan

the floor plan for the first floor

the floor plan for the second floor

...and the foundation plan

i used them for our timber design subject (CE513).. :)

i'm looking forward of working with AutoCAD the next time around and maybe do some 3D images of my house plans.. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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As a devout Catholic, I have been guided by my faith. I do believe that man alone is nothing; that everything is created by the supremacy of God. Hence, I will have my conservative insights on human sexuality.

Everything governed by the natural law is supposed to what they should. If man is rational and dogs are irrational, therefore man is not a dog and vice versa. Having this in mind, I came to think that we should watch our actuations if they are in accordance to the race we belong.

The biblical text mentioned a Godly commandment not to commit adultery. This includes prohibition on fornication, pre-marital and extra-marital sex. Constantly changing partners of intimate relationship is no more than an habit of dogs. Let us not put down ourselves to a lower pedestal because we are rational creatures! And dogs? They have a state of mind inferior to mankind. Try not to be one.

When God said, “Go to the world and multiply”, it clearly implies that sex is on the purpose of racial survival. Hence, sex is mandated by God not by lust or any other human desires. It must be under God’s justification through marriage or holy union which both partners will remain partners that only death can separate.

The unjust philosophy on sexuality has developed flaws on socio-economic stability and serenity of the society. The growing trend of premarital sex on both adults and teens nowadays seemed to cause turmoil in the society. Issues on this matter has constantly been buzzing everywhere.

Those favoring such culture don’t seem to notice or care for the consequences. Say, the spread of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases), issues on abortion assaulting the value of life and population explosion due to rapid birth rate that is eventually caused by alarming number of teenage and unwanted pregnancy.

See how wrong philosophies on human sexuality has become? It has already losing its real purpose. Well, it’s just very simple. Value yourself as a temple of goodness. Value marriage and put sex where it should be.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

To the Engineering graduates (soon to be board takers):


Every person has a unique gift. A gift that only him could ever enjoy. And that’s the gift of self. You dream of things different from any other. Hence your dream is precious. As one once said, “..but there will never another dream exactly like yours.” That is why you do your best to make it come true as perfectly as you wish.

You are very lucky to have taken many little but meaningful steps to be where you are right now and congratulations for that! This path you’ve taken, this course will always be part of your journey to your dream.

“There is no perfect life, only perfect moment”. As you look back, have you remembered those times when you frown because you’ve got failing grades in a quiz or exam? Frustrating. And how about  those sleepless nights beating the graveyard shifters due to these distinctive Engineering stuffs as “Plates”? Then you do belong to the rapidly increasing population of “deadliners”. Or have tried asking, “Sir, when is the deadliest line for this?” Added to that is when you experienced hardships  brought by economic crisis just as what Juan dela Cruz seems to constantly being burdened with and this hindering you to finance your projects or necessary school fees. Take a look back to your teachers’ horrific facial expression when you do such silly things like tardiness.
Those were just but little mishaps in your walk with life. Spices. Imperfections. Ironies. But isn’t it good to realize that they are nothing compared to that times you smile, laugh and love? Those times that you found friendship in a seemingly hostile world. Those times you made a sleep-over in the name of “group-study”. What an excuse! Those most trying times like you thought you’d fail but you luckily didn’t! To finally make it until graduation day is far better than the times that gave you tiny wrinkles.
And hey! Where you are right now is a clear sign that you are going nearer and nearer to what you’ve always dreamt of. Board exams may be very essential that is why you have to win it to the best of what you’ve learned. You worked five years for it. Five tough years. But did it ever occur to you that the five years is not just for board exam? It’s actually for life. For board exams are not the last battle to conquer/. It does not stop there. However, make the most of it, a license still makes a big difference. Just be diligent and optimistic and never forget to look up.
And if you passed, be thankful and always be humane. Be an ideal one. But if you don’t, there is more to life. As what the Daily Bread says, “don’t grumble because you don’t get what you want, be grateful you don’t get what you deserve.”

Be inspired and God bless you…