Wednesday, February 16, 2011

peek in..

just sharing these things i live with.. :)

this is my new baby.. ASUS K52J Series.. :) a 2010 christmas gift.

Hey! take a look.. what do you see?

..a toothbrush?

No, it's definitely not.. hahah Looks can really be deceiving. :)

It's a pen and it's one of the prizes I got from a writing contest.

It does looked like a toothbrush.. :)

My spongy baby!! I love Spongebob!!!! And I want a lot of collectibles!!

This is where I slumber.. :)

I love bags. I'll be collecting lots of them someday.... :) I actually have new ones, not in the pic.. :)

From a sweet friend Rickris. I think it's a snow globe. or a paper weight.. hahaha

I'm not so girly.. I only got two pairs of high-heeled sandals. :) This one's my fave.

Nah! I love movies and just recently, I added "A Little Thing Called Love" as one of my faves.It's a Thai movie. And it's amazingly good!!  It made me put P'Shone's pic as my Desktop Background.. He's the leading man. :) 

I love music.. I know how to play this.. :)

arrrghh!!! I want to learn how to play guitar.. it's stuck in my room for  a while now.. :(

My father bought this for me to help me learn the chords.. :) Very supportive.. :) 

Lots and lots of engineering books.. I'm bookish but you can rarely see me scanning these ones.. hahaha
I'd prefer literary arts than freakin' numbers and signs.. :)

My hatest subject is calculus.. this is a two year old book but look, it looks more like ancient now.. hahaha

Engineering.. blah..blahhhh..blahhh...

oh.. I had my training last sem.. and I could barely recall what I once learned.. hahaaha

My table's this messy when I'm doing my engineering stuffs they call as 'plates'.. and you can't bother me or else... :))

I can't leave for school without my calculator, otherwise, I'll rot in the corner of the classroom.

I still keep these old coins.. :)

Oh it's shiny shimmering silver ring!! thanks to my sweet mom. :)

My mom loves to give me accs. :) this one's the cutest.. very small wrist watch. :)

still from mom..

Now, this one's from a friend Laila.. it's a cellphone accessory. I love green.

and yeah.. I do have eye glasses but I seldom wear it.. it's multi-coated and I was advised to wear it when I'm doing computer works and when the sun is scorching outside. So it's like an eye protection and I don't look good with it. I'm like a nerd or something... :)


  1. Nice gifts! Thanks for sharing your treasured items.

    I am back to the blogging world after a month of absence. I had been busy transferring to a new place of residence. I just had my new internet and phone service connected last March 9.

  2. Your engineering books caught my attention. I used to study some of those and I sort of missed them. I got them from my sis who studied civil eng'g before, while I studied architecture 8 years later.

  3. haha interesting post and things you live with.... :p and and well i m also "to be civil engg." interesting...

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