Sunday, October 3, 2010

River Companion

I walked along the river
It was calm and cold there
I feel I could shiver
Blowing my hair was the zephyr.

I stopped for I suddenly see
A girl in front of me
Crying, helpless, I can see
She’s probably pleading in me.

Pathetic, yes she was
If only I could calm her
If only I could make it last
If I am just stronger.

In that cold misty night
I want to help her fight
The nightmare that’s killing her being
If I don’t fear, if I’m just braver.

But like her,
I’m defeated, outcasted, down and feared
I’m gloomy, I’m running away
From the pain that’s tearing me.

I look at her sad eyes
I feel like invading her thoughts
There I saw plights
Yes, she’s weary and so am I.

I want to talk
But I’d rather walk
I was alarmed she’s following me
I’m guilty so I faced again her plea.

Yes, she needs companion
And I feel being so
We stared each other
Eyes, thoughts were talking but no words to utter.

For a moment,
I came to know her
She’s not different from me
And we’re like each other.

I came to realize later
We have the same battle
To fight fear, the gloom, the pain
That’s like dagger, it’s tearing.

Just then I’ve found comfort
It’s the serenity that took us both
I’m relieved I’m not alone
Thanks for that river; I’ve met my reflection….


  1. Nice poem! Your blog design had improved a lot, too. :♥)

  2. thankie much momie jolly.. :) mwahhhh

  3. Vey nice poem. Always good to know yourself.