Tuesday, August 31, 2010


“I haven’t done any  MAJOR, MAJOR mistake…” Quoted the Miss Philippines-Universe Maria Venus Raj. The answer that made her one of the most talked about icons of the recently concluded Miss Universe 2010. She might’ve failed to bag the crown home but still, she brings honor to her native land, Philippines, by just making it to top 5. I’m a fan and I will always be.,

Well, inspired by such “MAJOR, MAJOR” quote, it made me think of some “MAJOR, MAJOR” things I’d love to share. And here they are:

My MAJOR, MAJOR embarrassing moments:

*to tumble down a wooden stair, catching the attention of some 200 people from an open gymnasium nearby. had i turned into a popping bubble?! (it was when I joined a journalism seminar/contest. Lucky, I won 2nd place, it compensated the thing at least)

*to mistakenly play one wrong chord in a Holy Mass messing up one whole song. (oopss. Did the priest got mad? lol..glad the choir sang, still:)

*while drinking soda in a birthday party, a friend related a real funny joke, I wanted to laugh so hard yet the soda is still in my mouth…. (oh did it really run out of my nose??? Hell YEAH! Oh!)

*to be in the midst of the “wrong classmates” and a “wrong teacher” glaring like “who the heck are you?” just because I’ve entered a “wrong classroom”. (lessons: wake up early, avoid tardiness, don’t come rushing)

*turning the valve of a faucet in a resto, no water, turn it again, and again for the nth time, still no water. Only to find out it should be pressed! (did they see me? Oh!)

My MAJOR,MAJOR academic accomplishments:

*to be consistently on the honor lists during my elementary days.
*to be hailed class salutatorian of our batch (elementary years)
*to win the first time a science quiz bowl when I was in my 4th Grade.
*to bag the gold medal for two consecutive years in Communication Arts Fest
*to win and be qualified to the regional competition in Campus Journalism.

My MAJOR, MAJOR frustrations:

*to be able to play the guitar
*to be able to learn how to swim
*to be enrolled and to graduate a Journalism Course

My MAJOR,MAJOR food cravings:

*piñato (a local delicacy)
*paella (of Spanish derivative)
*chicken adobo (best when cooked by my mom J)
*mango float ( olalah!)
*pastel (a local delicacy from Camiguin)
*moist chocolate cake
*leche flan
*lechon (roast chicken or pork)
*spag.spag.spag (I love pasta!)
*lasagna (yum!)
*fruit salad

My MAJOR,MAJOR must-see places:

*and some local tourist spots of my very own PHILIPINES!

My MAJOR, MAJOR hated subjects:

*differential equations!

My MAJOR, MAJOR dreams:

*to meet the cast of Harry Potter Movies
*to meet JKRowling
*to meet some fave Korean Celebrities
*to circumnavigate Earth and to travel some must-see places before leaving the world
*to meet my soulmate! (haha)


  1. Nice post! I love it! I enjoyed reading this. It's like one of those tag games or questions you pass among your friends. Fun! Anyway, just believe in yourself to achieve all these "major major" goals and dreams of yours! good luck!

  2. janz.. W-O-W thankie muchie dear..and yeah.. i'll try with my major,major best.. lol

  3. Msjor, major thank your for visiting my blog and your comment. Welcome aboard.:)

    Oh, I love CPA (chicken, pork adobo:)

  4. ate princess! yo! a major,major "you're welcome" i'm a fan of yours too. aye! aye captain! hehehe..

    love.love.love :)

  5. hi you visit India also. It is also so beautiful.nice post.

  6. wow, this is major-major cool. hahaha! it's like i miss answering slumbooks during my high school days.

    we have same frustrations except of taking journalism. and yes i wish to visit different places - Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Greece, France and of course all tourist spots in the Philippines!!!!!