Thursday, August 26, 2010


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It was roughly ten years ago when I got my interest in music. I was able to join in a school band called "RONDALLA"  a band playing stringed instruments. It was my former classmate/friend who encouraged me because she said it was so much fun! I used to join in a lot of school stuffs before, mostly academic, that is why I want to try something new...

The first meeting with our trainer started afterclass but because I was one of the room cleaners I didn't made it on time. I was rushing and catching my breath when I reached the school's music theater. Glad he was in the mood, instructed me to get my instrument from a separated room not so far from the practice area. When I get there, I was kind of "oh, what to choose?". There were two identical instruments left there. Ugh! No choice. Got to pick either. 

Later the trainer told me it was called "octavina". Absurd? yeah. I don't know a thing about octavina. T'was terrible at first but later, amazingly, I was able to play it the way it should be. It's very similar to a guitar, differences are it's a little smaller than the original size of a guitar and it has 14 strings. 

After some weeks of sessions, we were told that we're joining a competition so we need intense training. To help us so, our trainer brought his selected students to our school to assist us. And that's how I met "Ate Wella". She was the one who first inspired me to learn how to play the guitar. She is amazing. But unfortunately, she wasn't able to train me for she has to watch over our training in octavina. She was instructed to do the polishing. And that was a frustration really. And because I have much greater concerns, I just let it be.

I was able to let it passed. But weeks after the competition, we're back to school at that time, I met another amazing guitarist in the person of our Math practice teacher. It had become his  trademark to start the class by rendering a song. He used to carry his guitar around. Another thing I couldn't forget about him is the song "GROW OLD WITH YOU" by Adam Sandler from the movie The Wedding Singer. Our teacher used to sing that song and that made the song my fave until now..

But until now, I still couldn't play it for I wasn't able to learn the guitar. Wonder if it really loves me. Why can I play the octavina? And during my high school days my papa told me to have keyboard lessons so I can be the choir's organist at our chapel. And yeah! I was able to do it! I can do the chords in the organ.. 

My papa really bought me one so I can enhance and practice well my music.

Why not guitar? I really find it very difficult. Maybe because I got little fingers. They couldn't play complicated chords (lol)..Though I already know the basics. I just have to learn more and more.. OR MAYBE IT IS NOT REALLY FOR ME..  OR MAYBE NOT NOW..

Yeah! Am still looking forward for the day that I could play "GROW OLD WITH YOU" with my own strumming.  I had one now.. and for now.. it would be an ornament in my room. :(

Anyway, I know SOMEDAY I CAN! :)
and that it will love me too, just as I love it.. :)


  1. Way to go girl! Love your blog! You write well. Count me in, as your fan. :♥)

  2. Octavina? Curious, do not know how it sounds, but I think it is similar to classical guitar, right? I congratulate you and wish you success in everything!

  3. Hello girl! Great! I love your blog!