Thursday, August 5, 2010

To the Engineering graduates (soon to be board takers):


Every person has a unique gift. A gift that only him could ever enjoy. And that’s the gift of self. You dream of things different from any other. Hence your dream is precious. As one once said, “..but there will never another dream exactly like yours.” That is why you do your best to make it come true as perfectly as you wish.

You are very lucky to have taken many little but meaningful steps to be where you are right now and congratulations for that! This path you’ve taken, this course will always be part of your journey to your dream.

“There is no perfect life, only perfect moment”. As you look back, have you remembered those times when you frown because you’ve got failing grades in a quiz or exam? Frustrating. And how about  those sleepless nights beating the graveyard shifters due to these distinctive Engineering stuffs as “Plates”? Then you do belong to the rapidly increasing population of “deadliners”. Or have tried asking, “Sir, when is the deadliest line for this?” Added to that is when you experienced hardships  brought by economic crisis just as what Juan dela Cruz seems to constantly being burdened with and this hindering you to finance your projects or necessary school fees. Take a look back to your teachers’ horrific facial expression when you do such silly things like tardiness.
Those were just but little mishaps in your walk with life. Spices. Imperfections. Ironies. But isn’t it good to realize that they are nothing compared to that times you smile, laugh and love? Those times that you found friendship in a seemingly hostile world. Those times you made a sleep-over in the name of “group-study”. What an excuse! Those most trying times like you thought you’d fail but you luckily didn’t! To finally make it until graduation day is far better than the times that gave you tiny wrinkles.
And hey! Where you are right now is a clear sign that you are going nearer and nearer to what you’ve always dreamt of. Board exams may be very essential that is why you have to win it to the best of what you’ve learned. You worked five years for it. Five tough years. But did it ever occur to you that the five years is not just for board exam? It’s actually for life. For board exams are not the last battle to conquer/. It does not stop there. However, make the most of it, a license still makes a big difference. Just be diligent and optimistic and never forget to look up.
And if you passed, be thankful and always be humane. Be an ideal one. But if you don’t, there is more to life. As what the Daily Bread says, “don’t grumble because you don’t get what you want, be grateful you don’t get what you deserve.”

Be inspired and God bless you…  

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