Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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As a devout Catholic, I have been guided by my faith. I do believe that man alone is nothing; that everything is created by the supremacy of God. Hence, I will have my conservative insights on human sexuality.

Everything governed by the natural law is supposed to what they should. If man is rational and dogs are irrational, therefore man is not a dog and vice versa. Having this in mind, I came to think that we should watch our actuations if they are in accordance to the race we belong.

The biblical text mentioned a Godly commandment not to commit adultery. This includes prohibition on fornication, pre-marital and extra-marital sex. Constantly changing partners of intimate relationship is no more than an habit of dogs. Let us not put down ourselves to a lower pedestal because we are rational creatures! And dogs? They have a state of mind inferior to mankind. Try not to be one.

When God said, “Go to the world and multiply”, it clearly implies that sex is on the purpose of racial survival. Hence, sex is mandated by God not by lust or any other human desires. It must be under God’s justification through marriage or holy union which both partners will remain partners that only death can separate.

The unjust philosophy on sexuality has developed flaws on socio-economic stability and serenity of the society. The growing trend of premarital sex on both adults and teens nowadays seemed to cause turmoil in the society. Issues on this matter has constantly been buzzing everywhere.

Those favoring such culture don’t seem to notice or care for the consequences. Say, the spread of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases), issues on abortion assaulting the value of life and population explosion due to rapid birth rate that is eventually caused by alarming number of teenage and unwanted pregnancy.

See how wrong philosophies on human sexuality has become? It has already losing its real purpose. Well, it’s just very simple. Value yourself as a temple of goodness. Value marriage and put sex where it should be.
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  1. interesting post :)
    i strongly agree on your points..well done:)
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